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Female Sexuality Essay examples - 1744 Words

| Activism Project | Female Sexuality | | Leisa Thornton | 5/2/2011 | The pleasures and rights of a woman’s sexual freedom, and doing it safely was my activism project main objective. I endeavored to educate woman concerning these issue in a fun and comfortable atmosphere. This topic can be simultaneously controversial and exciting. What is female sexuality? Female sexuality encompasses a broad range of topics, including female sexual identity and sexual behavior, the physiological, psychological, social, cultural, political, and spiritual aspects of sex. This is not a subject that has recently been viewed as a topic of interest. This subject has been under scrutiny for many centuries. To discuss sexuality is†¦show more content†¦The clinical name for the condition was known as â€Å"hysterical paroxysm.† The first vibrator was invented be a British physician in the 1880s was a direct response to doctors who wanted help performing this procedure to reduce the time factor. (Jennifer Berman, 2005) Everyone in that era did not consider masturbation a medical treatment. They believe that masturbation led to a series of disasters such as: insomnia, exhaustion, neurasthenia, epilepsy, moral insanity, convulsions, melancholia, and paralysis to eventual coma and death. Dr. Lawson Tait stated in 1889 that the evils of masturbation had been greatly exaggerated. His colleague did not share his same ideas, Dr. Isaac Baker was a surgeon who treated women for masturbation by clitoridectomy this procedure was also said to cure nymphomania, epilepsy, catalepsy, painful periods and numerous other female disorders. (Studd, 2006) Sex is not a dirty word as some may define it, but a pleasurable experience. Women must learn to embrace their sexuality and enjoy it. They should embark on a journey by touching themselves to find out what is pleasurable, and then teach their partners how they want to be touched. A person’s religion or spirituality plays an important part on how they vie w sex. Abstinence before marriage is the religion world view on sex. Sex outside of marriage is labeled as sin, and called fornication accordingShow MoreRelatedThe Sexuality Of Female Sexuality1974 Words   |  8 Pagesare ready to accept and be tolerant to homosexual or bisexual people, but the issue over the female sexuality is still unsettled. The question how it differs from the male sexuality and why exactly the attitude to female sexuality is different compared to the male one is discussed by lots of psychologists, sociologists and philosophers. However, there is no coherent and competent explanation yet. â€Å"Sexuality is messy, passionate, unclear, tentative, anxiety-producing, liberating, frightening, embarrassingRead MoreMale Sexuality : Female Sexuality1024 Words   |  5 Pages Female Sexuality Female sexuality intertwines with Possessing the Secret of Joy by illustrating its power and those who fear it. History In the early nineteenth century, heightened female sexuality was considered a disorder (Studd, 2006). Doctors and psychiatrist sought ways to prevent â€Å"masturbation and decrease libido†. Issac Baker Brown- a gynecological surgeon removed the clitoris of a women who sought to use the Divorce Act of 1857 and leave her husbands as well as young women who read booksRead MoreThe Sexuality Of Female Body961 Words   |  4 PagesFor decades, images of the ideal sexualized female body have plagued covers of magazines and other forms of published media in the United States, perpetuating notions of what the sexual female body should look like (Krassas, Blauwkamp and Wesselink 2001). These images of the sexualized female body are deeply embedded in advertisements and media, both of which hold strong roots in the United States, as well as other comparable countries in the developed world (Baker 2005). It is estimated, that theRead MoreFemale Sexuality : Male Sexuality846 Words    |  4 PagesFemale Sexuality Female sexuality has been a controversial subject that plays a crucial role in our everyday lives. There is a constant double standard women face. In terms of sexuality both males and females are more similar than society deems them. It begins with parents; they have a great impact on how their daughters view sex and their own sexuality. Also female sexuality is considered taboo when they become mothers. There is a never ending battle of hypocrisy that women face when it comes toRead MoreFemale Sexuality And Its Impact On Women1430 Words   |  6 Pages3. Goffman defines ritualization of subordination as â€Å"female bodies in particular are used to demonstrate the broadest social idea and what the culture defines as feminine as a subordinate relationship as to what the culture defines as masculine†. This means that by social aspects and ideals, women are depicted as subordinates and are underlying to men because of how the culture is defined. One position in which women are depicted as subordinates and defenseless is when they are lying down. TheyRead MorePortrayal Of Black Female Sexuality1599 Words   |  7 Pagesaudiences but it is the inclusion of black female sexuality. The look of a woman through a male gaze quenches the subconscious thirst of a male’s fantasy. In Lee’s films, males portrayed on screen as multidimensional, and are defined by their unusual characteristics and attributes. The women, on the other hand, are drawn as oversexualized, promiscuous beings that lack the ordinary humane attributes. While the inclusion of the exploitation of black female sexuality from a male gaze provides black audiencesRead MoreSexuality And The Female Body1715 Words   |  7 Pageswomen expressing their sexuality and often downplays women’s capacities for sexual pleasure. Our literature reflects this. Women in literature do not often express their sexuality openly, or if they do, they are vilified. If the women are not vilified, th e book will often be banned (like several of the books we’ve read in class, like Mrs. Warren’s Profession and Chà ©ri). Peggy Orenstein’s article When Did Porn Become Sex Ed? illustrates taboos around female sexuality and the female body. Also, how itRead MoreFemale Sexuality, Gender, And The Body4267 Words   |  18 Pages Women’s body which is personal in nature is, no more personal, it’s always binding by the culture. Female sexuality in a Brahmanical Patriarchy is much more complicated. Caste hierarchy and gender hierarchy are the organizing principles of the brahmanical (Chakravarti 1993). Most often women are denied of their rights over her own body. Here culture plays a prominent role in binding the women’s rights over the body and the power of her body is vested in the hands of the men. Women’s body isRead MoreFemale Sexuality And Its Effects On Our Minds By Using Humor, Violence, And Sexuality1612 Words   |  7 Pages Every day we are bombarded with dozens of advertisements. We are pitched products, ideas, and even feelings. Companies manipulate our minds by using humor, violence, and sexuality to sell. Often, we chose to ignore the constant distractions shown to us on the television, newspapers, magazines, and giant billboards. Yet, the subliminal messages still affect us, sometimes without us even noticing. Society has normalized so many of these ideas that they are not seen as offensive, although they shouldRead MoreFemale Sexuality And The Paradox Of Sexual Freedom By Leslie Bell990 Words   |  4 Pagessocial expectations and culture guidelines, which are conventions of female sexuality and stereotypes of being a good girl, prevent these young women from pursuing their sexual desires and limiting their relationships with men. However, even these women have chosen the way they live and what kind of sexual life they want in order to be bad girls to break those old rules, they ended with losing their identities. In general, female sexuality is impacted more by establishing a women’s identity rather than

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