Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Visual analyzation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Visual analyzation - Research Paper Example Majority of their statues represent aged look. This sculpted head created in marble gives all the minor and major details of an elderly matured face. The facial expression are crafted skillfully in marble which gives the complete details of the face representing sheer determination, experience and power. Romans highly admired such characteristics. The face has the perfect folds and bulges which gives the head a very realistic view. Portrait of Augustus is the sculpture of Octavian Caesar who became the first Roman Emperor in 44 BC. He was the nephew of Julius Caesar and some historians mentioned him as his adopted son too. During 27 BC, he was awarded as the title of â€Å"Augustus† by the Senate. Augustus ruled over the Roman Empire for 41 years. He was known for establishing peace, tranquility and prosperity within his domain. The original sculpture is in bronze, however; the marble copy is present in Vatican Museum located in Rome. The sculpture represents Augustus addressing the troops with his hand held out. The inclusion of Cupid on the side of the sculpture represents the divine descent of Augustus (Source: http://www.the-art-minute.com/augustus-of-primaporta-spin-city/). The original sculpture is painted in color. The bodily portrait of Augustus highlights deeply his masculine features that represent his masculinity, authority, grace and experience which is prominent from his facial features. Th e purpose of the statue was to promote the political propaganda and to highlight the authority and control Augustus held during his times. He is depicted like god of war wearing the military clothes. The portrait of Constantine was created in 330 CE. It is about 30 feet in height. However, the head of Constantine is 8 feet high. The entire body of the portrait was made up of less precious material but the head, hands and feet are made of fine marble. The statue was at first

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